What Not to Do at a Gun Range: A Guide for Beginners

February 13, 2018 by pawncapo

What Not to Do at a Gun Range: A Guide for Beginners

What Not to Do at a Gun Range: A Guide for Beginners

At Las Vegas Gun Range, we take the safety of our visitors seriously. Make no mistake – learning about different types of guns, becoming familiar with different shooting techniques, and, of course, having a good time are all high on the priority list, but above all, we want to make sure our guests are safe. That’s why it’s imperative that all visitors pay careful attention to the rules of the shooting range and the directions given by the instructor or range manager. Here’s a general list of all the things you shouldn’t do while visiting our shooting range in Las Vegas if you want to make sure everyone has a fun and safe visit!

  • Bring rowdy friends or small kids you need to keep an eye on. When you’re shooting, it’s imperative that all of your focus is on the range. It’s okay to want to bring a friend or two for a fun afternoon together, but if your guests are being obnoxious and goofing off, they’ll be asked to leave. Plenty of gun ranges in the Las Vegas area have safe shooting ranges for minors and teenagers, but all younger guests must be responsible, quiet, and well-behaved, or else shooters will end up not being able to properly listen to directions or focus on the task at hand.


  • Aim the gun at something that you don’t intend to completely destroy. Whenever you handle a gun, you must treat it as if it’s fully loaded and ready to go off at any given time, even if the safety is on and your finger is nowhere near the trigger. When a gun is not aimed at a target, it should always pointed towards the ground for safety, or even better, you shouldn’t have your hands on it at all. Never point a gun at something you don’t want to see blown into smithereens – that includes property and architecture, your own feet, and other guests.
    What Not to Do at a Gun Range: A Guide for Beginners


  • Fire before you are explicitly directed to. It’s natural to be a bit nervous and jumpy, especially if you’ve never shot before. That’s what shooting rangers are for – they’re meant to be safe places for you to learn. If you’re a bit overeager and pull the trigger too soon, chances are, nothing bad will happen, as long as you’re aimed at the target. However, it’s important to practice paying careful attention to cues from the instructor so you learn how to behave when handling a gun, especially if you plan to go on to get a license to carry or even conceal.


  • Walk or stand anywhere that is not clearly marked. You might be excited and ready to explore the entire shooting range, but don’t go running off. Stick close to the instructor. If you’re waiting your turn to shoot or watching a friend, be sure to wait in the designated area – that is, away from the target!
  • Ignore, interrupt, or distract your instructor. Not only is this disrespectful and extremely rude, but it is also extremely dangerous. The instructor or range manager is there not just to teach you how to aim better but to keep everybody safe. It’s crucial that the instructor’s words are always heeded.


  • Show up to the range and try to shoot while under the influence. This should go without saying. You and any guests will be turned away immediately if you are drunk, high, or otherwise incapacitated. While shooting can be an exciting and fun activity, guns are not toys, and nobody should go near while a gun while not fully in control of their own faculties.


It is our sincere hope that this list of what not to do at a shooting range was helpful to beginners looking to check out a Las Vegas gun range! If you want to have a safe and fun experience, all the visitors must be on their best behavior at all times. If you think you’re ready to try it for yourself, give us a call at Las Vegas Gun Range located in beautiful Clark County, Nevada. We’re the #1 gun range in the Las Vegas area, and we’re excited to teach you a thing or two about smart shooting. Give us a call today!

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