Las Vegas Gun Safety Training Courses

November 7, 2017 by The Web Squad

 Las Vegas Gun Safety

Las Vegas Gun Safety Training Courses


            At Las Vegas Gun Range, it is our priority that everyone who visits us has a safe, awesome experience. Shooting guns in a safe, controlled environment can be a lot of fun. You can allow yourself to relax a little knowing that there are trained professionals surrounding you and instructing you in all the proper techniques. There is no pressure to have perfect aim, and no experience required at all to come in and shoot with us.

            One of the things we strive to provide everyone who visits us is knowledge. That’s why we include instruction in your range package. However, we understand that for some people, shooting is an integral part of their lifestyle. We want to accommodate this by recommending some types of gun safety classes and education courses that you can find local to the Las Vegas area. Feel free to look up these classes and peruse them in your own time.


  1. Introduction to Handguns

Any intro to handguns course is a great place to start! In general, when people learn about handguns, they start off with small, easy-to-handle handguns.  In Las Vegas, plenty of different gun ranges and firearm education facilities are tailored for the novice shooter with no experience required. Here, you’ll develop good gun safety habits and learn the best safety techniques early on. If you plan on shooting regularly, it’s critical that you establish a good foundation of safety habits before you start using more advanced firearms and shooting at real targets.

  1. Women’s-Only Classes

Sometimes women feel safer and more comfortable without any men in the room, and that’s okay. If you would prefer to learn gun safety techniques among other women, there are plenty of classes in the Las Vegas area that can accommodate this. Learn to shoot in an empowering, supportive environment! These classes are sure to help you feel more confident in yourself and your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones. They’re also a fun way to spend an afternoon with your sisters and friends, building each other up and learning a new skill together.

Las Vegas Gun Safety

  1. Concealed Carry Permit Classes

It’s one thing to have your license to carry a weapon, but it’s another to have a permit to conceal it. If you feel ready to take that step, there are many classes in the Las Vegas area that can help you get this permit. The fact is that bad things can happen to good people anytime and anywhere. If you’ll feel safer carrying a firearm on your person at all times, a concealed carry license might be just what you need.


  1. Hunter’s Education Courses

It might not seem like the Las Vegas area has much forestry or wildlife, but there’s no reason you can’t earn your hunting license in one of the facilities here. Hosted by the Nevada Department of Wildlife, hunter’s education classes usually assume some surface-level experience and knowledge of typical firearm safety techniques. Hunting courses will teach you instead how to operate in a group, the best ways to communicate with each other, and the important legalities and technicalities you need to know in terms of which properties you may hunt on and which you may not.


  1. Introduction to Shotguns

Once you’ve learned some good general gun safety techniques, you might feel ready to move up and learn about shotguns. Shotguns are very different from handguns, but they are not that difficult to operate. In these kinds of classes, you’ll learn all about the specifications and mechanics of the typical shotgun, including how to clean them, different types of ammunition, and the best tips and tricks for good, safe aiming.

Las Vegas Gun Safety

  1. Armed Guard Training

If you hold any position in security, your agency probably requires you to take some kind of armed guard safety training course. Some places can afford train their employees privately while others will recommend local courses for their employees to take. Fortunately, Las Vegas takes this responsibility very seriously, with 8 hours required in the classroom and 5 additional hours shooting in the range. You’ll learn all about laws of arrest, deadly force, and other legalities in addition to the physical skills you will need to master.

  1. Tactical Shotgun Classes

There are many more advanced shotgun classes for you to challenge yourself with if you feel ready to move on from introductory courses. You’ll learn about common malfunctions, different positions to shoot from such as kneeling, and more in-depth details about the differences between different kinds of ­­shotguns and handguns.


            As you can see, there are multiple options for you to take different kinds of classes. Practicing in a range with as-needed instructions provided is very different from combining classroom learning with hands-on shooting exercises. If you’re serious about learning gun skills, it is our opinion the best technique is to combine classroom certification courses with range practice.

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