How to build the best shooting range accessory bag

November 30, 2016 by Web Squad SEM Tech


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How to build the best shooting range accessory bag

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When you first start going to the shooting range it may be a little daunting. Being a new shooter you really don’t know what things you need to bring to the range. Some play it safe and bring only their firearms and then rent the other gear that they need once they get to the range.

But being prepared when you go to the shooting range makes the experience much more pleasurable and will add a lot more value to the overall experience.

The first thing on our list we’re going to go through is you have to have the right carrying case; you got to have a good range bag. The bag should be durable, it should have multiple internal and external pockets, some of similar size some of different sizes. You’re going to carry the bag like a briefcase or with an over the shoulder strap so it should have a comfortable strap. It needs to be able to fit plenty of ammo and your gun accessories.

The next thing you need to have in your gun range accessory bag is ammunition. Ammunition is very important when you’re going shooting at the shooting range.

The ammo that you bring should be durable and dependable and cheap enough to where you can use it and not feel every shot. Prices will vary of course depending on caliber type. Consider using a more practical economic load for practice and specialty rounds for use in the field.

The next thing on our list is maintenance tools. You should have a bore cleaner and a universal cleaning kit bare minimum.

The next thing on our list is going to be eye protection. ¬†Eye protection is by far one of the most important pieces of gear that you should have in your shooting range accessory bag. You aren’t going to be shooting unless you have a pair of eye protection. You could rent a pair at the range but it is far better and more appropriate for you to own your own because they will fit better and you will have time to pick out a style that is appropriate for you.

The next thing on our list is going to be hearing protection. The next most important thing in your bag is going to be something that’s going to protect your hearing. Electronic noise cancelling ear muffs are probably the best but your standard foam ear plugs will also work so just remember your ear protection is absolutely pivotal.

The next thing that you need to have at the best shooting range, and this is not absolutely necessary, is a spotting scope. If you’re shooting at distances Beyond 25 yards you want to see where your rounds are going to impact. A lot of ranges may have to wait to inspect your shots. With a good spotting scope you can get that instant gratification and find out what you’re hitting in real time.

The next thing on our list is targets. One of the main things that a shooter often forgets to bring is something to shoot at. There’s many different kinds of targets, spinning targets, wobbly targets, bouncing targets, just remember to bring something to shoot at when you go to the range.

The next thing on our list is a holster. Handgun Shooters usually need to have somewhere to put their between shooting and the bag. So having a holster that’s right for you that is very dependable sturdy and functional is very important when it comes to carrying your hand guns.

This completes the list of shooting range bag accessories.

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